Saturday, 19 May 2018


Waiting for November then!

Queen was the first band I was an actual fan of! I did my first presentation ever in school about the band. My mom helped me put it together. That was a terribly long time ago already.

Biopics like these can either be a hit or miss (and sometimes going back and forth between either one), but lets hope this one is good! So far I like how the song mix for the trailer is made, so lets make that a god sign.

Ze interwebz told me the movie has a campaign where you can sing Bohemian Rhapsody karaoke-style with your phone and perhaps get your voice in the films (guessing ending credits?) and apart from the looking-for-a-shot-talented-singers I keep thinking of the thousands and thousands of terrible ones that have to, just have to (forbidden karaoke songs: immigrant song by Led Zeppelin or Bohemian Rhapsody) happen. And that somebody has to listen trough. Give me half a bottle of red and a late night and I'm in! (No, please don't).

Sunday, 13 May 2018


This week I was in Strasbourg with  +27C and I was prepared to come home to boots and jacket-mode still but alas! - I brought the warmth with me and we celebrated  Mother's Day in +25C and sunshine. Weather is always such a factor here.

First outdoor breakfast (mmmm, ok: lunch) of the year! Which I made myself altough offered otherwise; oat-chia pancakes with peanut butter and berries. Not the prettiest, but more yummy than one (me) would think!

The outdoor-summer-renovation-mode for the house has begun. This home is in a state of renovation both inside-and out.

 Flower-mode is also on; in just a few days the leaves have turned green and flowers are blooming!

Flowers were also blooming in the pretty Mother's Day-sugar water painting Dag gave me!  Altough he nonchanalntely said that they were not really flowers "I just dotted some paint there".

Tuesday, 8 May 2018


Today I am traveling to Strasbourg to perform at a festival (at Elsass Rock & Jive) in warm and sunny weather!

So, logically I thought I’d look back some six months ago to to a very different kind of season, festival and ambience - Paola Suhonen’s SuperWood Festival.

The very first Superwood took place late last October just east of the Helsinki city centre in a now hotel, then 1960’s bank conference building; Hotel Rantapuisto. In all it’s 60’s design glory is a prefect base for the event, which, as one would expect when created by Paola Suhonen / Ivana Helsinki, mixes music, art, design and Finnish nature.

It’s a rather grown up festival, in a good way, with nice dining and movie screenings - forget muddy fields and tents, and enjoy lounge bar concerts with a living room feeling design hotel rooms - with a twist of spooky woodland vibe:
(Photo credits at the end of the post)

I only attended the first night but immediately regretted not booking the whole weekend. I managed to miss my old pal’s Suad’s sunset concert opening the night (Finland, October, it sets early) but got to listen to a truly magical Mikko Joensuu auditorium set, and then join the wood tour, which Paola put together of different musical performances and installations in the woods surrounding the hotel. A super idea although a bit over crowded, but let’s see how they do it this year.

The hotel restaurant had put together a vegetarian buffet of which lots of the ingredients were picked from the backyard -like sugar coated lichen decorating the dessert. And Pekka Haavisto (Finnish presidential candidate) was DJing! I ate so much I had to lounge on a pile of cushions to get over my food coma while watching one of the feature films.

Looking forward to this upcoming autumn to see how the second year of the festival will turn out!

Photos from the Superwood FB page by
1. Aleksi Tikkala - 2 & 5. David Jakob - 3. Tero Kiiski - 4. Mira Lintunen - 6 & 7. Paula Hiipakka

Square instagram photos by me except photo of Pekka Haavisto from @pekka.haavisto

Sunday, 29 April 2018


I took a pair of sleeves and made myself a bow.

Here we have a vintage blouse that I adopted when my mother wanted to get rid of it, but that I am - lets face it- most likely never going to wear:
Unless we procrastinate a bit on everything else I have on the to-do list and tweak this one a little bit.

Snip snap off with the sleeves we go!

In general (and this is a true generalisation), short sleeves work best for me. So if an item is not being worn often enough shortening its sleeves often helps for me. You have seen me turn sleeves into pockets before on a dress and immediately earn plus points (equals wear-points) but if you can't make pockets, make a bow - in this case we will pimp up this blouse to get a pussy bow by making a ribbon from the sleeves.

In order for you to tie it properly into a bow around your neck and not just a knot (which could be quite nice as well) you need the ribbon, or tie,  to be at least about 110cm. One could make the ribbons such that they are sewn to, and begin at the front sides of the shirt, in whic case they could be shorterBut I wanted mine to be sturdy and go around my neck.

Because the sleeves are not long enough by themselves to make the tie in one (or two) I put it together of four pieces, two narrower to meet under the collar in the neck, and two that widen towards the edges, to be tied into tbe bow. You can see the seams where I sew the pieces together when the ribbon is hanging like this but it won't show when it is tied into a bow.

Hem the sleeves and voila! The shirt got wear-me points again!

So I wore it right away. Here with a RubyLea-turban and an old Zara skirt from 2009 or '10 (that does not have stretch and that I really, truly do wonder how it is possible I can still button in the waist, as it seems few other items from, umm, pre 2014 or so can be fastened without a painful inhalation, and sometimes not even that helps. Sniff.).